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The campsite is looking amazing with new hard and soft landscaping, solar PV panels, new shower block, 250 trees, lots of shrubs and over 1000m of hedges and lovely new turf for campers to sleep on!

In fact over 5,000 trees and hedging plants have been planted over the last 5 years which are all starting to mature, which we think you will be impressed with!

We have planted 17 different hedges totalling 1500m+ of new hedging and some 7,500 hedging plants. 250+ new trees have been planted, 600m of shelter belts and fencing and 250+ flowering shrubs have all been included as part of our 5 year landscape plan between 2009 to 2014.

We will have invested over £50,000 on hard and soft planting and fencing to help make your campsite stay special - so we hope you will be impressed!

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